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Decodable Readers Classroom Collection

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If you are delving into the Science of Reading, this decodable readers collections is for you! This Decodable Readers Classroom Collection contains 162 titles with 6 copies per title. There are a total of 972 books in the Decodable Readers Classroom Collection.

Your order of this product will be shipped in 3 display boxes in order to accommodate the 162 titles and 6 copies of each title - which will equal 972 books for classroom use.

This purchase is for books only.

 See the titles below, including the levels, and phonics skill associated with each decodable book.

Box 1 Set IncludesShort Vowels, Long Vowels with Final Silent E

Pat the Rat C 110L -at
Dan and Jan D 250L -an
Tim's Map D 170L -ap
Mack and the Crab E 170L -ab
Sam and Pam C 110L -am
The Lad's Toy C 170L -ad
The Bash D 290L -ash
Jack and the Shack D 190L -ack
Pals F 220L other
Ken's New Pet D 190L -et
Len's Hen D 250L -en
The Keg D 170L -eg
Ted's Pups F 250L -ed
Lil Fell E 150L -ell
Mel's Spells D 220L -ell
The Tent E 310L -ent
The Boat F 280L -eck
The Web Dress E 250L other
Kit Knits D 180L -it
Jim Gets a Trim E 180L -im
Mr. Tip's Trip E 180L -ip
Lin and Min E 170L -in
Pam's Pig D 140L -ig
Sid's Bike D 150L -id
Rick's Chick E 160L -ick
The Fish D 160L -ish
Baby Tom D 140L other
Dot's New Plot E 190L -ot
Pop's Crop D 160L -op
The Mop D 170L -op
The Bog C 170L -og
Hog Likes to Jog C 150L -og
Bob's Job E 290L -ob
The Dock D 140L -ock
Jock's Rocks E 260L -ock
The Baby Fox E 130L other
Tub's Nuts D 300L -ut
Bub the Cub D 280L -ub
Bud the Bull E 300L -ud
Our Glum Mum D 230L -um
Tug the Pug C 110L -ug
Duck Is Stuck D 140L -uck
Chuck's New Truck D 240L -uck
My Lush Cat D 190L -ush
Goodbye, First Grade G 220L -ade
Am I Late? G 220L -ate
Tip the Tiger D 170L -ame
Going to the Lake F 240L -ake
The New Park Site F 250L -ite
Who Did the Crime? G 310L -ime
Mike’s New Bike F 240L -ike
Piles of Dirt? G 300L -ile
Hope Goes to Camp F 240L -ope
Mr. Dog Visits Miss Hen G 340L -one
Cole Plays a Mole G 360L -ole
Cat Wants a Nap G 240L

-ome, -oke

The Old Man’s Gift G 260L -une
Bob Is Stuck! F 190L -ube
The Yule Gift G 310L -ule
Sally’s Flute G 310L -ute


Box 2 Set IncludesDigraphs, Initial & Final Blends

Shay’s Fish E 120L sh-
Pup in a Rush E 220L sh-
Matt and the Moths E 170L th-
The Missing Math Book E 250L th-
Chuck Loves Chips E 170L ch- (1)
Chef Chip E 190L ch- (2)
Which Whistle? E 270L wh- (1)
Wendy Cooks D 100L wh -(2)
The Trip on a Ship E 220L all (ch-, th-, sh-, wh-) (1)
Chips and Chops E 250L all (ch-, th-, sh-, wh-) (2)
I Wish… E 180L all (ch-, th-, sh-, wh-) (3)
Tish Is Too Hot! G 240L all (ch-, th-, sh-, wh-) (4)
Spotless Sam F 250L sp-
Sue Loves to Ski F 200L sk-
The Crash! G 210L sm-
Lily’s Scarf G 380L sc-
Come In, Snail! F 320L sn-
Mary’s Swan G 210L sw-
Let’s Play Today! G 170L pl-
Sledding Sam F 210L sl-
Sky Painting F 310L bl-
Catch the Flying Flag! F 240L fl-
Jo and the Crabby Crabs F 330L cr-
The Pet Club E 210L cl-
Frog Hops On D 250L fr-
The Glow in the Glen G 250L gl-
Gram and Gran F 220L gr-
Princess Pru F 250L pr-
Tricky Cat E 210L tr-
Dad Saves the Day! E 170L dr-
The Lost Brush F 320L br-
String-A-Majigs! E 230L str-
We Love to Act G 250L sp-, sk-, sm-, sc-, sn-, cl-
Swing and Slide F 240L sn-, sw-, pl-, sl-
The Little Black Chick E 220L bl-, fl-, cr-, cl-
Grub and Glowworm E 300L fr-, gl-, gr-, pr-, str-
Best Brother E 220L tr-, dr-, br-, str-, sn-
Gram’s Blue Cup F 280L short vowel, diagraphs, blends
Shay’s Trip F 330L short vowel, diagraphs, blends
The Costume Party F 260L short vowel, diagraphs, blends
What Is That Sound? F 250L short vowel, diagraphs, blends
The Ski Trip E 220L short vowel, diagraphs, blends
In the Woods F 270L short vowel, diagraphs, blends
The Country Fair E 240L short vowel, diagraphs, blends
All Kinds of Jobs F 220L short vowel, diagraphs, blends
Life in Spooky Swamp G 310L short vowel, diagraphs, blends
Matt’s Missing Cash F 290L short vowel, diagraphs, blends
Daredevil Don F 210L -mp
Ping-Pong and Ring Toss! F 220L -ng
The Ant Fairy F 210L -nt
Mr. Rat’s Trip F 230L -nd
Save the Sink F 310L -nk
Not the Dump! G 350L -ng, -mp, -nt, -nd, -nk (1)
Buried Treasure F 270L -ng, -mp, -nt, -nd, nk (1)


Box 3 Set Includes: Long Vowel Variants, Diphthongs, R-Controlled Vowels

The Grain F 240L -ai, -ain
Joe's Cow F 240L -ail
Jill the Maid F 250L -aid
The Gray Day F 220L -ay
A Day at the Bay F 230L -ay
Fay the Flea F 350L -ea
Making Beads F 310L
The Deal G 310L -eal
The Old House F 360L -eak
Dean and Mean Jean F 250L -ean
The King’s Feast F 190L -east
Can I Get One Cheap? F 280L -eap
The Camping Trip E 320L -ear
Working on the Farm F 350L -eed
At the Creek D 320L -eek
On the Ship F 270L -eel
Snow Day! E 310L -eet
The Lost Sheep F 310L -eep
The Picky Eater E 190L -eat
Jared's Mountain F 240L -igh
The King's Fright G 330L -ight
The Best Apple Pie in Town E 320L -ie
Hit the Road, Toad! F 200L -oad
Joe Hits His Toe! F 310L -oe
Roy and the Toy F 290L -oy
The Blue Flue G 360L -ue
The Fruit Salad Disaster! G 280L -ui
The Path F 390L -ew
Fishing with Audrey H 350L -au
The Sketch G 310L -aw
The Shawl G 240L -awl
The Fawn at Dawn G 260L -awn
Cow Is Stuck D 190L -oo
The Book Crook D 190L -oo
Toil in the Soil E 280L -oi
The Animal Ball D 290L -ow
The Tow Tractor D 280L -ow
Ned’s Toy Pouch D 120L -ou
The Found Cat D 270L -ow, -ou
The Super Car C 100L -ar
The Tern in the Fern E 200L -er
Baby Bird Wants Thirds! E 170L -ir
The Missing Corn D 170L -or
A Cat for Nurse Burt F 250L -ur
Vern's Shop F 150L r-controlled review (1)
Harps and Horns F 380L r-controlled review (3)
Baby Bird in the Birch F 260L r-controlled review (4)
Sal Likes the Dirt D 140L r-controlled review (5)